Energy audit

To reduce the cost of heating your home, you need to:

  • Reduce heat loss in the home
  • Increase the efficiency of the heating system.
  • Every home loses costly heat through the building envelope, namely through: the ceiling, walls, floors, windows, doors and ventilation system.

We determine and record these irrational losses with the modern Testo 875-2 thermal imaging camera.

Testo 875-2 thermal imaging camera

Based on the thermal imaging survey, our certified energy auditors will develop detailed recommendations to improve the efficiency of your heating system and eliminate costly heat leaks from your home.

As a result you will receive a detailed report, a kind of "road map", to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money on its heating.

We will divide our recommendations into two categories. Primary measures will give you significant savings of energy resources (money) and do not require significant investments! Part of these activities can be implemented in the winter period and already save on heating. The second part of the measures will require more significant investments and will provide significant energy savings.

Testo 875-2 thermal imaging camera

Our company can qualitatively perform work on the implementation of our developed measures. In this case, upon completion of the work, we conduct a re-inspection of your home with a thermal imaging camera. Without payment. And confirm, thus, the high quality of our work.