Architectural decorative elements of the facade group

Valkyriа company offers a wide range of architectural and decorative elements made of high-quality polystyrene foam EPS–90 by thermal cutting, using the most modern equipment. These products will find its application in the architectural design of both the facade component, and in the interior decoration of your home.

Thanks to high standards of the team of professionals and ultramodern equipment architectural and decorative elements from "Valkyriа" favorably emphasize the exclusivity of your home and your individual style.

The range presented here includes only the most typical items, because most of the products are made according to the individual needs of customers. Layout is developed together with the designer in the company office or in "remote" mode.

Advantages of architectural and decorative elements produced by "Valkyria" Ltd:

  • corners and "roundings" of a wide configuration;
  • absence of "cavities" and offsets;
  • development and approval of the individual layout in the "remote" mode, without the need for personal presence of the customer;
  • compliance with the agreed terms of production;
  • support of the customer at all stages of the project, from development and design to product installation;
  • various processing options according to the customer's choice.