Technical Specifications

Standard sheet size 0,5m х 1,0 m

Sheet thickness 20-500 mm.

Styrofoam meets the requirements of DSTU Б.В.2.7-8-94.

Brand EPS, according to DSTU Б.В.2.7.-8-94152535152535
Brand EPS, according to DSTU Б EN 13163:2012EPS 60EPS 80EPS 150EPS 60EPS 80EPS 150
Name of indicatorsNorm for polystyrene boards EPS (according to DSTU Б.В.2.7.-8-94)Actual values for expanded polystyrene boards EPS
Density, kg/ 15,015,1-25,025,1-35,014,9816,7026,70
Compressive strength at 10% linear strain, MPano less than 0,05no less than 0,1no less than 0,160,090,120,17
Flexural strength, less than 0,07no less than 0,18no less than 0,250,090,190,26
Thermal conductivity in dry state VT/(m*K)no less than 0,042no less than 0,039no less than 0,0370,03850,03690,0320
Humidity, %no less than 12no less than 12no less than 121,100,900,60
Water absorption in 24 hours, % of volumeno less than 3,0no less than 3,0no less than 3,02,802,102,00