Thermal insulation for pipes TM "Valkyria"

Thermal insulation for pipes

Produced from polystyrene foam PSV-C by contour cutting on modern equipment.

Application: for perfect insulation of pipelines of hot and cold water supply and other systems of residential, industrial and agricultural facilities.

Range: The range of products is presented in a wide line with the possibility of individual non-standard solutions.

Typical sizes are in the following range: length - from 1000 mm. and diameter: from 10 mm. to 1420 mm.

The advantages of using thermal insulation for pipes produced by "Valkyriа" Ltd:

1. Safety during installation. When working with some insulation materials is necessary to use different equipment: protective coveralls, gloves, goggles, respirators. Styrofoam is absolutely safe for health: it does not contain fibers, binders (such as some types of mineral wool), which can be harmful to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Therefore, when working with it there is no need for special protective equipment.

2. Ease of use. Styrofoam insulation for pipes has a low bulk weight, it does not dust, is not afraid of moisture, can be easily cut with a hand saw or knife, and is very easy for mechanical attachment. Therefore, all work on the insulation with PSV-C easily mastered and carried out in a short time.

3. Using. Any kind of communication pipelines in the interior and exterior perimeters of the building.

4. Soundproofing. Styrofoam has excellent sound-insulating properties. Therefore, its use is effective for existing plumbing, such as multi-storey houses.

5. Durability. Studies conducted over 40 years show that polystyrene foam PSV-C is really a timeless insulation material that does not change its properties (the coefficient of thermal conductivity, physical and technical parameters and geometric shape).

6. Resistance to moisture. Moisture has no effect on the polystyrene foam. Even with prolonged immersion, it absorbs a very small amount of water (up to 2%). This means that during operation, its quality almost does not change over a long time.

7. Biological inertness. If the wrong insulation is used, mold can develop in the home and significantly degrade air quality. This is because some insulation materials can be infested by microorganisms. PSV-C insulation is not afraid of fungi, mold and bacteria. This advantage is relevant for insulation of pipes in buildings and structures of public character.

8. Safety for health and the environment. Pentane is used for foaming polystyrene. As well as other gases - such as alkanes, methane, pentane is constantly formed in the course of natural processes in nature. These gases rapidly decompose in the atmosphere.

9. Economy. Due to the optimal price / quality ratio, the use of polystyrene foam is more acceptable in comparison with other types of insulation (savings up to 15 - 20%).

10. Prolongs the service life. External thermal insulation prevents significant temperature fluctuations, limiting stress and therefore the formation of cracks.