Facade Decor

Facade Decor

Architectural decoration of the facade

People began to decorate the houses a long time ago, almost since the moment when they learned how to build them. Thus, they emphasized the individuality of their homes.

With the change of times and with the development of construction changed and houses and their appearance. Because in addition to functionality and durability, longevity people have always tried to give their houses a highlight and a unique look, tried to decorate the facade and make the facade decor individual and beautiful, non-standard and memorable - so arisen architectural styles and different types of decorative elements of decoration.

The development of construction throughout time was accompanied by and improvement of construction materials and, of course, materials that could bring to life the most unconventional ideas of architects. To achieve the most harmonious appearance too complex architectural elements played up, and to replace heavy materials came new and lighter, which have entailed a less time-consuming process of installation.

At the end of the last century to replace the facade decoration of heavy concrete, stone came easier and more convenient to work with decor of foam plastic.

Facade decor - a simple and effective way to create a unique style of your home. Thanks to new technologies, automatic processing, specially developed coatings, elements of the facade decor of foam plastic advantageously differ and excel in speed of production, weight and range of stucco decoration from gypsum, stone and concrete decor.
Products are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS–90) and covered with elastic reinforcing layer that has excellent adhesion to the foam. This allows you to implement almost any ideas to decorate your home.