New Lintel!

New Lintel!

Dear friends!

There is good news for everyone who uses our products!

We have developed and started production of NEW plastic lintel for collapsible permanent formwork blocks.

Collapsible blocks, very well proven in the construction of monolithic strip foundations. This applies not only to the construction of houses using THERMODOM technology, but also houses made of other wall materials.

The only limitation in the construction of these foundations was their insufficient width (up to 300 mm of concrete).

Given the wishes of our customers, we went to meet them!

The new lintel allows making the width of the concrete part of the foundation up to 450 mm.

The foundation with such a width, can be used in the construction of walls made of heavier materials, such as bricks and ceramic blocks.

This is not the only advantage of our NEW lintel. Now the lintel halves are exactly the same and you won't waste your time looking for a pair, but will safely use the first one you get your hands on.

So, we ask everyone to pay attention to this important detail in the design of foundations, and we invite you to experience the benefits of the updated collapsible unit of Stay-In-Place formwork!

6 December 2019