Molded foam packaging

Styrofoam packaging

Styrofoam packaging is lightweight, durable, has practically no effect on the cost of the product.

Styrofoam (foam plastic) profiles have been used all over the world for more than 50 years to reliably protect goods from mechanical, hydrothermal, electromagnetic effects and are the maximum means of safety for the goods in case of falling or shaking the packaging box.

Styrofoam packaging reliably preserves this or that product during storage and transportation.

Styrofoam is a reliable tool against shock, against scratches and, in general, against any emergency situations during the transportation of goods.

The use of foam packaging will protect your products, eliminating losses due to its damage.

The main advantages of using packaging products of expanded polystyrene TM "Valkyriа":

Moisture resistance.

This means that packaged goods are protected from penetration of moisture inside the package, and as a result inside the package there is a constant humidity. In addition, the package itself is not subject to moisture and as a consequence does not rot

Thermal insulation

This means that your product is not exposed to sudden temperature fluctuations and tends to keep the temperature inside the pack. This is important for food as well as for office equipment and precision instruments. The thermal insulation properties of Styrofoam packaging can retain over a wide range of temperatures.


This means that your products, if styrofoam packaging is used, are protected from damage that can occur during transportation.


Styrofoam packaging is lightweight and practical. When using polystyrene foam packaging, there is no significant increase in the weight of the packaged goods. This allows you to effectively use your budget to transport your products.


Styrofoam containers do not emit toxic fumes and do not oxidize, which allows using them for long term storage of products. Styrofoam is absolutely harmless, environmentally friendly and does not emit any substances harmful to man and his surroundings.

According to sanitary and hygienic norms expanded polystyrene has long been used as packaging, while coming into contact with food without pre-treatment. It is used to make disposable tableware, packaging for fruits and vegetables. It is used to transport and store frozen fish and meat. Thus it does not create a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, is not subject to decomposition under the influence of microorganisms and has no limited shelf life. In addition, styrofoam also, like wood, has the ability to "breathe", ie slowly let the air through.

Maintaining stable dimensions

Remains stable in the structure, and throughout its entire life: does not shrink, does not diminish in size and does not shift in the structure.